Nutrition Help

Erica White is a Christian and qualified Nutritionist who runs Nutritionhelp Ltd.   In her book “Doughnuts and Temples” –  Be nice to the body God Gave You, she shares her personal testimony.  She suffered from ill-health for much of her life until God showed her about nutrition.  She was then able to work from morning to late at night.   Published by White Publications, ISBN 0-95214-652-5.

She has written other books on M.E and Candida.  Distance is no barrier as she produces individual online nutritional help for people.  Please pray that health will be taken into consideration in food production and manufacture.

Consumers for Health Choice

Southbank House, Black Prince Rd.

London  SE1 7SJ.

Consumers for Health Choice campaign to preserve consumer freedom to buy beneficial vitamin, mineral and natural health products without unnecessary restriction and red tape. It would make no sense at all to restrict vitamin sales yet to continue to allow cigarettes to be on sale. CHC encourage supporters to write to their MP asking to keep the freedom of choice on health products.  Christians for Health would be grateful for prayers that safe and beneficial supplements will be allowed to remain on sale.