Foresight Pre-conception Care Association

pre-pregnancy advice

178 Hawthorn Rd.

Bognor Regis, W. Sussex PO21 2UY.

Foresight helps people have healthier babies, particularly those with a history of miscarriage, low fertility, allergies, still birth etc.

Their success is achieved by helping both prospective parents avoid pollutants and advising on nutrition.  They advise prospective parents on vitamin supplements and to eat plenty of organic vegetables etc.  Foresight began in 1978 and their methods have often been successful when high-tech methods failed.   A DVD is available and a new book.   Very informative Journal sent to members.  They advised pregnant women not to have mercury amalgam fillings put in while they are pregnant, years before the Department of Health advised dentists not to do this.   Foresight have a very good record on healthy births and healthy babies, born to parents who thought they may never have a child.

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