Women’s Environmental Network


87 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BE.

Women’s Environmental Network publicise environment friendly products and are concerned about traffic fumes on health. They are also gathering information on the link between environmental pollutants (such as certain pesticides) with the large increase in breast cancer and endometriosis in recent years.

Gerson Support Group


PO Box 74,


Surrey, KT22 7YD.  Please enclose sae.

Gerson Support Group help people with cancer who want to use natural means to build up the body’s defences. The Gerson Therapy includes drinking significant amounts of certain fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices. This can be used alongside orthodox treatments.   It is important to help the body’s defences because chemotherapy kills good cells as well as bad and can weaken the immune system.


Edward Priestley


His research has shown that many blood diseases, such as leukaemia, and other cancers are caused by toxic chemicals, radiation and certain medical drugs.

He had a question answered in Parliament, and the answer confirmed this.  Benzene is a proven cause of cancer and leukaemia yet is widely used by industry.

Edward had severe bone marrow destruction after exposure to workplace toxic chemicals.  Doctors did not expect him to live, but he survived and for decades has been free of bone marrow damage by avoiding causative agents.   His website has a Survival Guide using natural methods such as avoiding pollution.  He sells no products and does this work volunatarily.