Breath Ministries

Weald House, 10a High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1UX.

Revd. Huggett is an ordained Minister and he and his wife Christine work for a more positive approach towards those forms of complementary medicine which are in line with Christian teaching. They can supply details of Christian complementary practitioners covering various therapies.

Gerson Support Group

PO Box 74,


Surrey, KT22 7YD.  Please enclose sae.

Gerson Support Group help people with cancer who want to use natural means to build up the body’s defences. The Gerson Therapy includes drinking significant amounts of certain fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices. This can be used alongside orthodox treatments.   It is important to help the body’s defences because chemotherapy kills good cells as well as bad and can weaken the immune system.


Consumers for Health Choice

Southbank House, Black Prince Rd.

London  SE1 7SJ.

Consumers for Health Choice campaign to preserve consumer freedom to buy beneficial vitamin, mineral and natural health products without unnecessary restriction and red tape. It would make no sense at all to restrict vitamin sales yet to continue to allow cigarettes to be on sale. CHC encourage supporters to write to their MP asking to keep the freedom of choice on health products.  Christians for Health would be grateful for prayers that safe and beneficial supplements will be allowed to remain on sale.

Alliance for Natural Health

The Atrium,

Curtis Rd. Dorking,Surrey. RH4 1XA.

ANH are fighting to allow the full range of vitamins, minerals and other health supplements to remain on sale.  Unfortunately an EU Directive aims to restrict them in order to standardise supplements in different EU countries.

This is unfair as people living in cold Britain need higher amounts of some supplements such as vitamin D than those living in Spain or Greece who receive plenty of beneficial vitamin D from sunshine.