Register of Children with dental fluorosis (from too much fluoride)

Register of Children with dental fluorosis (from too much fluoride)

Home Farmhouse, Main Street, Oxton, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0SZ Tel: 0115 965 2948

The Register of Children with Dental Fluorosis seeks compensation for children with dental fluorosis as a result of ingesting too much fluoride. This can cause unsightly white or sometimes brown mottling of the teeth, which can cause children to be bullied because their teeth look ‘dirty’.


Nutrition Help

Erica White is a Christian and qualified Nutritionist who runs Nutritionhelp Ltd.   In her book “Doughnuts and Temples” –  Be nice to the body God Gave You, she shares her personal testimony.  She suffered from ill-health for much of her life until God showed her about nutrition.  She was then able to work from morning to late at night.   Published by White Publications, ISBN 0-95214-652-5.

She has written other books on M.E and Candida.  Distance is no barrier as she produces individual online nutritional help for people.  Please pray that health will be taken into consideration in food production and manufacture.

Compassion in World Farming

Second Floor, River Court,

Mill Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1 EZ.

Compassion in World Farming are concerned about the cruelty of factory farming where hens are kept in cages so small that they have no room to walk or even open their wings fully.  CIWF are concerned about cruel practices at slaughterhouses where often animals are not fully stunned and have a painful death. Factory farming rebounds on humans because antibiotics are used as growth promoters. This is one of the main reasons for human diseases becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Breath Ministries

Weald House, 10a High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1UX.

Revd. Huggett is an ordained Minister and he and his wife Christine work for a more positive approach towards those forms of complementary medicine which are in line with Christian teaching. They can supply details of Christian complementary practitioners covering various therapies.

Women’s Environmental Network

87 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BE.

Women’s Environmental Network publicise environment friendly products and are concerned about traffic fumes on health. They are also gathering information on the link between environmental pollutants (such as certain pesticides) with the large increase in breast cancer and endometriosis in recent years.